We are proud to have worked on healthcare projects that are bettering their communities and the lives of their patrons and residents. From residential-inspired nursing homes that ease the transition from home-living to strategically placed color schemes to increase comprehension of floor plans and features, our design team is well-attuned to each client’s individual vision, all while reaching the hygiene needs and sustainability goals of medical facilities. Our project list includes The Light Clinic, Resurrection Health, and the Memphis Jewish Home and Rehab.

Broad Dental - Fleming Architects
Broad Dental - Fleming Architects
Broad Dental - Fleming Architects
Broad Dental - Fleming Architects
Broad Dental - Fleming Architects



Dental Clinic


Memphis, TN



Christ Community Health Services (CCHS) has partnered with Fleming Architects on several projects, which have included health centers, dental clinics, pharmacies, and administration and outreach offices. The Broad Dental Center, the first freestanding dental facility for CCHS, was a complete renovation of an existing building. The project included creating a new façade for the building and reorienting the building’s entrance to face the adjacent parking. The transformed interior incorporates strategically placed bright colors, used as a means of way finding and highlighting specific functions in the space. The Dental Center contains an open hygiene bay, operatory rooms, administrative offices, a classroom, and dental residency program space.

Christ Community included a classroom within their clinic to aid in educating the neighborhood children about dental care.

CCHS Admin - Fleming Architects
CCHS Admin - Fleming Architects
CCHS Admin - Fleming Architects
CCHS Admin - Fleming Architects



Administrative Offices


Memphis, TN



A lack of adequate administrative and clinic support space led Christ Community Health Services to enlist Fleming Architects to transform a Walgreens Drug Store into functional office space. The project consisted of executive offices, an open office environment, support spaces and a multipurpose classroom space that is large enough to house an entire facility’s staff for training. Skylights were added throughout the existing structure in order to provide every employee with access to natural light. The majority of the exterior was untouched; however, a new decorative wedge was added to highlight the entrance and to create a landmark on a highly visible corner.

Ave Maria Green House - Fleming
Ave Maria Green House - Fleming
Ave Maria Green House - Fleming
Ave Maria Green House - Fleming



Residential Assisted Living


Bartlett, TN



Ave Maria challenged Fleming Architects to design a new paradigm in assisted living called Green Houses. The concept is a creative new approach to improving the care and lifestyle of those in long-term nursing homes and takes the traditional under-one-roof assisted living model and breaks it down into more independent, residentially-scaled units. The project includes four independent Green Houses, each of which hold 10 private bedrooms with private bathrooms, nursing support space, a common gourmet kitchen, living and dining spaces, and a spa. The buildings are surrounded with manicured green space, integrating the residents into the natural setting. The project was built with private funds, but during the design process, was reviewed and approved through HUD.

The Green House model was originated by Dr. Bill Thomas, co-founder of the Eden Alternative, which is an international, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating quality of life for elders and their care partners, wherever they may live.


Full List of Healthcare Clients:

Aiken South Carolina Nursing Home/Elderly

Alexander Retirement Home

Allenbrook Retirement Home

AM Diabetes

American Esoteric Labs

Anne Maria Nursing Home

Arlington Development Center

Arlington Developmental Corporation

Ave Maria Home

Baptist East – OBGYN II

Baptist Memorial Hospital

Baptist Minor Medical

Baptist Trinity Home Care

Bartlett Dental Associates

Bartlett Medical Plaza

Bartlett Pediatrics

Bolton Properties

Bostick Nursing Home Master Copy

Camden Nursing Home

Children's Dental Center

Christ Community Health Services

CirQuest Labs

Clearly MD

Cordova Medical - OBGYN

Cordova Medical Plaza

Cordova Pediatrics

Delta Medical Resurrection Health

Dental Hospital

Dental Offices - Berstein & Holcomb

Dental Offices for Avery & Meadows, DDS

Dental Offices for Dr. Bledsoe

Dental Offices for Dr. David Franklin

Dental Offices for Dr. James Sexton

Dental Offices for Dr. Parrish

Dental Offices for Dr. Steve Joe

Dental Offices for John Ford, DDS

Desoto Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultant

Dr. Bill Light

Dr. Bill Stewart

Dr. Bill Walsh

Dr. Bronstein OBGYN of Memphis/Bartlett BMP

Dr. Daniel C. Bellott DDS

Dr. David Kizer

Dr. David Kraus

Dr. David Meyer/Dr. Louis Glazer

Dr. Dee J. Canale

Dr. Dempsey

Dr. Field

Dr. Fred Dorn

Dr. Harringten

Dr. Irving Fleming

Dr. James Sikes & Dr. Charles Jarrett

Dr. John Hummel

Dr. Kamal Mohan

Dr. Kington and Dr. Jallepolli

Dr. Kraus

Dr. Kraus/Walzer

Dr. Ledes

Dr. Mark Jones

Dr. Maury Bronstein

Dr. Meade Moore

Dr. Melvin Deweese

Dr. Milligan

Dr. Mohan

Dr. Parvey

Dr. Paul Green

Dr. Philip Mintz

Dr. Randy Turner

Dr. Ray Sexton

Dr. Richard Porter

Dr. Steve Fuson

Dr. Steve Schum

Dr. Thomas Chu

Dr. Thurman

Dr. Wayne Martin

Dr. WM Mackey

Drs. Austin

Drs. Boston & OCHS

Drs. Farrell & Elonomides

Drs. Graves, Sanford & Cox Offices (OBGYN)

Drs. Myers & Morris

Drs. Upshaw & Turner, and Drs. Canale, Synder, Etal

Edwards Capital Management

Eyecare East

Eyes for You

Family Cancer

Family Physicians Group

Gainsville Oaks Retirement Center

Getwell Manor Nursing Home/Allenbrooke Nursing Home

Grant Co. Nursing Home

Hamilton Eye Institute

Happi & Friends Puppy Boarding/Dog Park Complex

Health First Medical Group

Jackson Randal Medical Office

Jim Avery DDS

John Winford Office

Kings Daughters & Sons Nursing Home

Kirby Medical Office Building

Lea County Shriner Retirement Community

Life Safety

Mark Luttrell

Medical Alternatives

Memphis Health Center, Inc.

Memphis Heart Clinic

Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab

Memphis Mental Health Institute

Memphis OBGYN Association

Memphis Orthopedic Group

Memphis Pathology

Memphis Radiological

Mestemacher Clinic

Methodist Alliance Health Services

Methodist North Physician's Building

Midtown Medical Complex

Midyell Dental Office

Nat T. Winston Developmental Center

Neurological Center

OBGYN Phys. Of Memphis, PC

Pediatrics Collierville

Pediatric Dental Group

Pediatrics East

People's Custom RX

Physical Weight Loss Center

Quality Life

Rainbow Health & Rehab of Memphis

Resurrection Health
Satellite Healthcare

Second Presbyterian

Spine Clinic

The Family Cancer Center

Trinity Commons Medical Center

Trinity Medical

Urology Center of the Midsouth

Western Mental Health Institute

Wilder Youth Development Center